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Your brand needs more than just a Facebook page.

Living in Johnston County, NC, I know what it’s like to be a small business owner trying to get noticed.

  1. First, you’ve got to provide reliable products and/or services that people want, or better yet, NEED.

  2. Next, you need to have a strong message that resonates with the community.

  3. Finally, you need to get that message to the people who need to hear it.

In a small town, an engaging Facebook page, a little networking and positive word-of-mouth might do the trick; however, if you want to expand your reach and remain competitive, you’ve got to do more.

That’s where we come in.

Our mission is to help new and existing start-ups, entrepreneurs, small business, and mission-driven organizations develop their brand and discover creative solutions that assist them in exceeding their goals.

We start by doing a complete analysis of your brand to determine how you are currently performing. This will help to:

business analysis
  • Define your brands performance;

  • Discover your brands strengths and weaknesses;

  • Align your strategy more closely to the needs of your customers; and

  • Understand your place in the market compared to the competition.

A brand audit should help us see what areas require action and provide the data we need to move forward. This could mean:

  • Keeping things the same;

  • Restructuring your brands identity and re-defining your message; or

  • A combination of both that more closely aligns with your company’s goals.

By determining which qualities of your brand are working and which ones are not, we can come up with a plan to produce better results and a marketing strategy to support it.

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Services we offer include:

Web design studio with responsive web site promotion. Computer display, laptop, tablet and smart phone mockup on office desk. Plant and coffee beside.


A mobile-responsive, search engine optimized website will provide your target audience with:

  • a place to learn more about the products and services you offer;

  • a place to educate them on why they need YOUR products and services; and

  • a place to order and/or purchase your products and services.

The website is step one in our New Digital Brand Identity Package for local, small businesses and organizations.

Google My Business set up by The Cre8ive Consultant


Your customers are out there searching for your business on their phones, their laptops, and their desktop computers. No one uses the phone book anymore folks, they look online. If you’re not there, your competitors are and they are getting your business.

Once we complete your website, Step two involves implementing our Local SEO Strategy that includes creating and managing your Google My Business Profile and listing your business on Google, Bing, Yahoo and over 100 more search engines, business directories, maps and more. This is essential to the success of your website and your business.


Social Media Management

The last and most rewarding is your social media profile. A website and listing offer a great start, but you still want to get your name out there. The days of networking at local chambers and networking groups are not gone, but when you’re out their meeting folks, don’t you want a place to stay in contact, keep your brand on top of mind and potentially interact with them on a consistent basis? A strong social media presence does that and much more. It allows you to share your message with thousands of people a day.