5 Printed Products your Organization Needs and Why

Printed Marketing Collateral 

Printed Marketing Collateral 

We’ve all felt the pressure to focus most of our attention on our digital presence, print has taken second fiddle among many marketing campaigns and can “appear” less cost effective with so many “Free “resources. Nothing could be more wrong; printed marketing collateral is an essential part of any strong marketing campaign and when wielded correctly, it will deliver in more ways than one.

The trick with all marketing is brand visibility and recognition, and although your company gets a lot of attention online, it is easy to get lost in the overcrowded digital world. Printed marketing material puts your brand in the hands of your clients and that can be the one thing that ensures your standing out above everyone else.

1)   The Brand Identity Package

One of the most important components of your printed business arsenal is your Brand Identity Package (BIP). This includes:

  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Pads
  • Labels

Your BIP is how you introduce yourself, making a positive impact on your clients and future customers. It’s vital you invest in a quality designer when creating your identity package; whether classy, timeless or edgy this is a key part of your brand's image. Additionally, your BIP is a vital communication tool used to reach other businesses, your clients, and prospects. After all, if they can't find you, they can't do business with you. Show them you mean business and hand them the tools they need to stay in contact.

2)   The Pocket Folder

Pocket folders are powerful branding tools and exceptionally useful for pulling all your marketing materials together in one convenient-to-carry package. These marketing devices lend a professional image to your brand and help customers sift through the natural information flow involved with sales, whether you’re selling B2B or B2C, big ticket items or smaller products and services.

Personally, I feel these are vital to any sales rep as they provide a great leave behind for your prospects. Be sure to include a few of the following based on your products and services:

  • Business card
  • Stepped down sell sheets
  • Cover letter
  • Testimonials
  • Flyers
  • Booklets
  • Posters
  • Notepads
  • Brochures
  • USB flash drives
  • Newsletters and News clippings
  • Calendars, bookmarks, and magnets
  • DVD/CD Rom placed on left side pocket will add a unique opportunity to show off your services via visual presentation, a sample of your software, or even a handy e-book that will highlight your expertise.

Branded pocket folders will reinforce your pitch while providing your prospects with something tangible they can take with them. You don’t have to fill it with everything, but be smart and mix it up to see what works best for your business.

Another great feature when it comes to pocket folders is the flexibility you have with the shape, size, theme, and motif. Our designers will create something that will truly standout above your competition since you have the option to design them from scratch. That means if you want your folder to look like a cat, a cell phone or even a pair of cheetah spot galoshes, we can do it.

3)   Referral Cards

In today’s business climate, referral marketing has become one of the most successful ways to grow your business. This word-of-mouth tactic is practiced in every city of every state in the country, thanks to the countless business networking events being attended every day.

84% of B2B decision makers start the buying process off with a referral

Your customers are your best sales people. How are you rewarding them for it? A strong customer referral program will provide you an opportunity to not only make your current clientele happier but offer their friends and colleagues a chance to try you out at a discounted rate.

Referral cards are much like business cards, however, you can hand them out to your clients and they can hand them out at functions they attend. Once you establish a relationship with the new client, you let the customer who referred them know how appreciative you are by extending them a discount as well. 

It’s important to have a strong tracking plan in place, so you can reward your clients for helping you out. Also make sure you have your customer referral program outlined on your website, with all the rules and stipulations, so there are no questions later.

4)   Brochures, Rack Cards, and Flyers

Whether you are promoting an event, new service or product, or simply need to share some information a high-quality brochure, rack card or flyer will do the trick. These marketing necessities are an essential element for any organization.

56% of customers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of marketing

According to B2B Marketing:

  • Brochures help capture the attention of potential customers, especially in the case of small and emerging businesses that are on a tight budget.
  • They are more effective and pocket-friendly than product advertisements in magazines and newspapers, given the fact that prime space on print media is costly. Advertisement space is shared by several businesses competing for public attention, making it a challenge to really get noticed amongst the competition.
  • Brochures or booklets, on the other hand, can focus entirely on the business and its offerings, thereby getting the undivided attention of all potential customers who browse through them. The key, however, is to make the content both interesting and informative, supporting it with appropriate images, and including a call to action.
  • They are versatile pieces of printed information that can be used for promoting almost all types of products and services, and in different venues, right from reception desks of offices to promotional events. They are found in several formats such as menus, flyers, product guides, and newsletters, in addition to the conventional tri-fold style.
  • Brochure printing services are definitely more cost-effective, given the discounts that are usually offered with bulk printing. The cost per brochure reportedly comes down with the number of prints. Regular customers also enjoy discounted brochure printing offers.

Effective marketing campaigns are all about customer interactions. Brochures are simply just another way to interact with customers and generate leads for the sales teams to follow up. A printed brochure is tangible and easy to access, providing your prospect with something to hold when compared to the content being seen on an e-mail or a website.

5)   Direct Mail

Direct mail is still the number one marketing strategy used by many successful sales companies. In fact, one of the most successful marketing campaigns is the “Bed, Bath and Beyond” 20% off coupon you receive in your mail every month.  This has not only consistently brought in new customers, but provides a brand loyalty program that customers have now come to look forward to each month.

An International Communications Research survey found that 73% of consumers actually prefer mail over other advertising methods

With direct mail, you have total control over the presentation of your message. Direct mail is a unique blend of advertising and sales. While good advertising should certainly lead to sales, direct mail allows you to present the product or service, make an offer and try to close the sale-all at once.

There are many forms of direct mail that your company could be using:

  • Postcards
  • Self-mailers
  • Newsletters
  • Lead Letters

In my next article, I will go much deeper into the power of direct mail and how to run a successful direct mail campaign.

To sum it up it’s important to note that to be successful you must be consistent with your tactics. You can’t just send out one mailing, make a phone call and expect people to be pounding down your door. Customers need to see and hear your message up to 7 times. 76% of small businesses say their ideal marketing strategy encompasses a combination of both print and digital communication. I often recommend a blend of direct mail, social media marketing, personal interaction and event/networking attendance to maximize your exposure and get the best return on your investment, just be sure to bring plenty of printed marketing collateral along with you to share your message and wow your prospects.

7 Ways to Improve Your Health Care Marketing Strategy

One key element of a successful business is a strong marketing strategy, a plan of action that fits the specific industry, and for the healthcare provider, it can be quite comprehensive. The trick is to capitalize on “word-of-mouth” however that can be quite tricky considering your main competitor is your chosen insurance providers. The objective is to get people walking through the door, so you can provide them with an amazing patient experience, in which they will share with others.

This begins with a strong digital presence. The internet is where people go to find you, and learn all about the services you provide and the majority of those people can and will research their decision before they choose.

  • Online search for healthcare providers is the 3rd most popular internet activity
  • 80% of American web users look online for health information
  • 44% of American web users look online for information about doctors or other health professionals

Don't panic, you have some control of how visible you are on the web and it all comes down to the quality of content you have online.


Your website is the digital face of your practice, therefore it should look good. When a potential patient is scrolling through the multitude of providers, it only makes sense that you will be judged based on what your website is saying about you:

  • A professionally designed website delivers a sense of comfort and stability. You want those visiting your site to feel you are well established, therefore a well-designed site with a medical appearance will ease the prospect into further review.
  • Your website should not only explain all your services, it should also be informative. When someone is looking for a medical professional, it’s because they need to. They want answers, it’s your job to give them a source and provide them with a solution to their problem.
  • Online appointment scheduler. Provide them a way to set an appointment and half the battle is one. (21% of patients book appointments online.) If they find a nice website for a provider that has answers, and they can set an appointment immediately, problem solved.
  • Provide them with the ability to preregister, saving them and your practice valuable time.

A great website can do most of the work for you by making it simple for the patient to see the value in what you provide.

Today, ensuring your website is mobile ready is vital for success.

  • 1/3 of patients search via phone or tablet
  • 44% schedule an appointment via mobile device

People are relying more and more on their phones to do virtually everything, so when they start searching for a doctor, your website better be view-able on their phone.


Interesting fact, 58% of healthcare providers use blogs to educate their patients. Blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your website, especially when you are writing about specific symptoms and conditions.

  • 41% of searches start with symptoms
  • 38% of searches start with specific conditions

Your blog should be informative enough for the reader to find value in what you are writing, and give them a sense of comfort in your ability. Educate your future patient on how you can help and provide a link that directs them to your appointment scheduler , you may find yourself hiring more staff to handle the overflow.

Social Media

People are talking about your services, and they are doing it at an unprecedented rate. Before social media it was just informing those they knew and came across. These days, one person can inform literally 1000’s with one click. 12% of all your clients can and will post online about an experience at your office, make sure it is a good one.

Social media plays a role in your visibility as well. The more traffic linking to your site, the better off you are when it comes to search. It’s High School all over again and the popular kids are getting all the attention. If you want to be seen, be sure you're dating the quarterback.

These days one cannot survive on Facebook alone. Your digital presence should be everywhere. I realize this takes time, I suggest either outsourcing  or hiring someone to do it. The ROI is priceless and your practice will benefit in a multitude of ways.


Your social media and blog should contain plenty of video.

  • YouTube traffic to healthcare providers has increased 119% year-after-year
  • 30% who watched a video booked an appointment (have a link to scheduler)
  • 43% watch testimonials
  • 64% watch to learn about your practice
  • 56% watch videos to learn about procedures

Video drives online engagement and if you're not providing something, you're missing a great opportunity. Have a variety of video’s that will educate your prospective clients on such things as:

  • What you do and how you do it
  • Symptoms/conditions/treatments
  • How to deal with health insurance companies

Follow your videos up with testimonials and have a link directly to the appointment scheduler and you have a recipe for success. I suggest using a high quality photographer for all your video and image needs, this will add an even more professional appearance to you and your practice.

Direct Marketing

As a healthcare provider, your efforts cannot be focused on digital alone. Many providers have great success using direct mail campaigns to inform the neighborhood on:

  • Who they are
  • What they do
  • How to reach them
  • Provide special offers and free consultations

Direct mail is a cost effective way to reach a very large target audience and will surely bring in plenty of new clients.

Be sure you have plenty brochures and rack cards on hand. Share them with like-minded services, so they may help get the word out about your business. Creating a couple strategic alliances with your fellow healthcare providers is a great way to grow your business, so be sure you have plenty of high quality marketing collateral to share, making it simple to connect with you.

Get involved with the Community


You are a healer. That is an amazing profession, and if you show the people you generally care about them, than they will follow you for life.

Get involved with the community by helping out with school organizations, local events and sponsor a local sports team. Show the people you aren't doing it for the money and the people will love you.

The Message

The message you are sending is key. If you're your message revolves around

wellness and preventative care, your missing the mark.  All human behavior, at it's root is related to escaping some form of pain, therefore as a healer provide them with relief.

People don't seek out a doctor for entertainment, they do so because they need you. You entire strategy should revolve around how you can help by providing a solution to whatever ails them. They won’t waste time seeking you out, they want answers and they want them now. Make it easy for them to find you and your half way there.

Pain is a great motivator, so be great and sharing how you relieve it. If you're focusing on your digital content, be sure to provide solutions to the pain. If you're sending direct mail, your message should acknowledge their pain and your call to action should direct them to your practice so you can take it away.