The Johnston County "Community Cares" Spotlight

Each week, I highlight a local cause to get them a little extra attention in areas they don't normally get seen. This is a free service and my goal is to help out as many organizations as possible. If you would like a chance to highlight your nonprofit, feel free to email me at This weeks "Spotlight" is on Human Beans Together, Inc. A Raleigh, NC-based collection of volunteers interested in alleviating hunger, homelessness, and hopelessness by sharing our resources with those in need. 

Patrick Cox

The Cre8ive Consultant, 43448 Laidlow Street, Chantilly, VA, 20152

Our mission is to provide Johnston County and the surrounding areas solo/entrepreneurs, small business, and mission-driven organizations with creative solutions designed to assist them in meeting their goals. We do this by taking a holistic view of who they are and what they hope to accomplish, then aid them in developing the areas that need the most help.

Whether it's working with an established nonprofit on a grant, coaching them on how to best leverage social media to spread their message, or working with a new entrepreneur on how to set up a Marketing Plan or Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, my goal is to serve you in whatever manner you need, so you can get busy making the world a better place.