The Cost of Doing Business

Over the years I have been using a long and drawn out process

that has not helped grow my business.

In the past, I would set up a meeting with you, learn a little about your business then do a little research and put together a 20 page proposal on why you need my services. I would then set up another meeting in which I would present this lengthy proposal and at the very end, much like a used car salesman, I would show you the price. Some would accept it and move on, while others would hmm and haw then negotiate their way down, chipping away at services THEY NEED to get to a price they felt comfortable with paying. This would result in them losing out in the long run, because I the methods I use really do work.

Therefore, I am now providing the price upfront, for my most commonly needed services. This bundle will help me better understand your business, so I can best represent it on your site, through your social media and out in the public at events and fundraisers.

 Marketing strategy, brand strategy, corporate social responsibility strategy

A Personalized Digital, Brand, and Socially Responsible Marketing Strategy

In order to best serve my clients, I need to know all there is about their business. Therefore we need a plan of action based on who they are, what they do and what goals they hope to accomplish. I have developed a unique and cre8ive marketing strategy that will help build your brand, grow your digital presence and forge a strong relationship with a local nonprofit in need. Why have 15 different strategies for different agendas, when all you want to do is get noticed and grow your business. My method will help do just that, while getting you involved with the community you serve. 

COST: $1500.00

Squarespace Website/Social Media Platform

We will develop a visually stunning, SEO and mobile friendly website that is designed to engage your target market in a way that is creative and unique to inspire a diverse brand following. While we build your website, we will also build the foundation for your social media and create a plan that will help launch your brand both traditionally and digitally. Our custom websites include up to eight pages and all of the features listed below. If you need more pages they are charged at a flat rate of $175 per page. We also have a special rates for e-commerce (just ask). This is for a simple, easy to use and navigate website that will get your small business or nonprofit the results you desire. This pricing model helps me keep my rates affordable for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs while offering scalability to those who need a bit more. 

Your site will include:

  • Personalized custom design
  • Newsletter opt-in forms
  • Mobile responsive design
  • 3 hours image search
  • Connect to custom domain name
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Links to your social media accounts
  • Detailed built-in website analytics
  • Social Media Sharing Logo
  • Unlimited support during project
  • Setup 3 branded Social Media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • 1 month free post-launch support
  • and much more

cost: $3000.00 (Does not include website hosting $26.00/Month) 

 Website, SquareSpace, Social media

 Event planning, marketing, cause marketing

Monthly Website MAINTENANCE/Social Media Management/Consulting Fee

We don't just want to build your website and set you up on social media, we want to be a part of the team. This includes website/social media management (3 sites for basic service) and visiting your organization to plan special events, take photos of new products and services, and help to promote your brand in traditional means as well. In short, we want to be your own marketing team without the hassle of having to hire someone full-time to do it.

Our goal is to bring on 5 clients this year (3 for profit/2 nonprofit) to act as their brand ambassadors and get them noticed. By including you and engaging with your team on a frequent basis, we will have the unique opportunity to really sell your image and blow the competition away. This also includes planning, organizing, promoting and attending quarterly events to help local nonprofits, raise money or just get you additional visibility at a local event. Our price is a lot less then it would cost to hire someone to do this on a monthly basis.

Cost: $800.00/month(Does not cover the cost of event or promotional items)


Martha Schonberger

President, Legacy Farms Virginia

I have known Patrick and have worked closely with him for four years. As President of Legacy Farms, a small Virginia non-profit, I hired Patrick to improve and update our website. His work was so exemplary that when he completed the job we asked him to join our Board of Directors. As a board member, Patrick was key in launching and updating our social media platforms, making important connections within our community, and organizing fundraising events. In 2016 our non-profit was ready for an Executive Director. We released Patrick from the board and then immediately hired him on as interim ED. As our ED, Patrick continued to make critical connections and grow our non-profit: bringing in needed funding, drafting operational manuals, and laying the groundwork for grant writing.

Patrick’s work ethic is unparalleled, and his dedication runs deep. He is a visionary who is not afraid to act on his ideas. He will challenge you, inspire you and always go that extra mile so your organization reflects well. You would be very fortunate to have him on your team.


David Redebaugh

Internet Marketing Specialist and Social Media Trainer and Speaker for Your Biz Social

If you have the opportunity to utilize Patrick Cox's skills and dedication as a marketing professional, then you are blessed indeed! There are few people I have come in contact with that have the focus, commitment, and incredible attention to details that Patrick has. He is a skilled and creative communicator: speaking, listening and writing. His grasp of effective marketing principles will pay huge dividends for you and your company when you choose Patrick. It is my pleasure to recommend him!