Nonprofit Consulting Johnston County North Carolina

What do you stand for?

Developing your image takes time, energy and commitment; Commitment to something you believe in so much you have choose to take a stand and do something about it.

Whether you're Rescuing American Bull Terriers or Saving Children in Zambia, something has driven you to take more action than the average person. You've committed to starting a nonprofit and you're ready to change the world.

So what's next?

You've been through the rigorous application process and the paperwork is filed. With Mission Statement in hand you step out into the world and begin sharing your message to anyone that will listen. This is where many nonprofits falter and even fail, they have underestimated the amount of support that would be available and the alliances and partnerships that would come running the moment they heard your message. Or perhaps "Mission Creep" took over and now your headed in too many directions, have no real mission clarity, diffused expertise, and donor confusion. 

Whatever the reason, you've come to a point where you need help remembering who you are and why you're doing what you're doing. Someone who will help you start small and experience a few successes which will give you a much greater chance of ending BIG!

How can I Help?

I am the Executive Director for a local nonprofit and have been through quite a bit to get where we are at now, and we are just now starting to hire staff. I know what to do and I REALLY know what NOT to do, because everything I've learned I did so through trial and error. I'm self-taught, but I had a lot of help providing the tools and resources I needed to help our nonprofit continue to move forward and grow. What I offer is experience and hope.

I would love to hear all about your mission and what drove you and your team to get involved. Sometimes all it takes is a conversation with someone who WANTS to listen, to reignite that fire and get you moving. Other times it takes a little more work, and I have a plan that will do so. 

For more information and a free consultation click the button below and let's get together, and figure out what we need to do to get you the visibility you deserve!