Network Marketing

The key to any successful networking marketing company is you. People follow people, not products and your team was attracted to you because you showed them what success looks like and they want a piece of it. This begins with the development of a strong personal brand and the ability to inspire your team to go out and build there own brand and reputation. 

This is all a part of our Network Marketers Recruitment Strategy and it work's for just about any Multi-level Marketing or Network Marketing business. We start with your personal brand and position in the market then focus our efforts on 3 areas:

  • Recruitment
  • Development
  • Retention
 Network Marketing Consultant Johnston County North Carolina


A strong and determined downline begins with who you bring onboard in the first place. Many network marketing companies encourage you to go out and ask your friends and family to join. We all know how this turns out; they stop returning your calls because they are sick of hearing about your amazing eyeliner.

Putting a team together takes time and should be done strategically. We will help develop a strong recruitment strategy that fits with your personal brand and allows you more time to focus on development.


Recruiting is only one-tenth of the battle. Yes, it's taken you some time to get 10 people to join your downline, and you feel you've begun to create an amazing team. However, after a few weeks you've got 3 people buying products for themselves, two who are afraid to talk to anyone, two that started strong but fizzled out after they didn't start earning the "BIG" money after two months and three who lean on you to come to every party, event and meeting to sell for them. Am I close?  

The key to a strong team is development. This is where 2/3rds of your time should be spent once you have a core group of people who are engaged and passionate about the work. Your job now is making them stronger. We will work with you to on how to best do this and how to keep your team motivated and engaged.


 Network Marketing Consultant Johnston County North Carolina

 Network Marketing Consultant Johnston County North Carolina


The end result of our Recruitment Strategy is long term retention of a strong downline. A downline that is making you money and building amazing and engaged teams of their own. 

Retention is just as important as recruiting because it ensures longevity of your downline and keeps your representatives active in the business as long as possible, which is the end goal. We will provide you with the tools and resources you need plus teach you to put them into action so you can do the same for your team.