We all believe in something

Everywhere you look these days people are going above an beyond to help others. Everywhere you look you meet someone who is passionate about something, because in some way we have all been affected by loss or tragedy, sadness or grief. Perhaps you've lost a family member to cancer, witnessed the abuse of an animal, or gazed into the eyes of a homeless person who's lost hope. Disease and mental illness are on the rise and recently the CDC stated that 1 in 48 children have some form of autism. Whatever it is, it's everywhere and this presents a certain opportunity for you and your organization to be of service.

You can help. In fact, you should!

Corporate social responsibility is not a new concept; it's been around for years.  From local "mom and pop" shops sponsoring a local sports team, to giant multi-billion dollar organizations donating millions every year to help meet the needs of others, this form of cause marketing is perhaps the most influential of them all.

The trick is to find a cause that makes sense for your organization, then use your products and services to help in a way that meets their needs, as well as yours.

My goal is to assist you in this process. What makes the most sense for your organization and what you can do that will allow you to offer the greatest benefit to them, and maximize your results as well.

NOTE: I realize we should all be helping others, just to help and in a perfect world that may be true, but we live in a world where your competition is doing all they can to beat you. That means you should take extra steps to beat them to it.

Why not do it in a way that will:

  • Make a difference in the lives of others
  • Improve your reputation
  • Increase workflow in the office
  • Inspire your team in many ways
  • Improve the community, the environment and the world in general

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a corporation’s initiatives that assess and take responsibility for the company's effects on environmental and social well-being. Some examples include voluntary hazard elimination, community development, philanthropy, social education and awareness. Every CSR program out there is exclusive to the organization that has developed it, because there is no set standard.

There are dozens of CSR practices, and some may not make sense for your organization. To best understand how you should move forward, you should first consider your own mission and values. These should be written down and thought through, as they are the foundation of your CSR strategy.

Next, your CSR goals should align with your values. This will ensure you are building upon a foundation your company currently has in place. To meet your CSR primary objective, you must set goals that outline what you hope to accomplish. These goals are:

  • ·         Philanthropic: How can you improve upon your community?
  • ·         Business Growth: What can you do to improve the corporate bottom line while simultaneously returning social value?
  • ·         Workforce Development: How can you make employee engagement and individual development a top priority?
  • ·         Environmental: What will you do to create social value by addressing social or environmental needs within your business reach that will also help lower your company expenses?

Third, you need to share what you are doing. We live in a world in which people are increasingly concerned about a multitude of issues. Here are just a few examples:

 Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting Raleigh, North Carolina
 Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Job security

  • Poverty/hunger/homelessness (Nationally/Internationally)

  • Healthcare

  • National security

  • The economy

  • The environment

  • Disease/Aging

  • Inequality

  • Lack of global leadership

  • Veterans rights

  • Disability rights

  • Human trafficking

  • Immigration

  • Overpopulation

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Water

  • Personal Health and Well-being

  • The list goes on and on...

This is just a short list. Many of these may not even mean much to you, or your organization. The point is to determine what it is you and your team ARE passionate about and what you can do to help out. 

Once that is established,  it is vital that your CSR program provide a solution that will meet one of those needs. One that makes sense for who you are and what you represent. One that your team can get behind. Whether it's locally or globally, you can make a difference.

It's my job to show you how and point you in the right direction.

It's not just about Charity

A good CSR strategy begins in the workplace. Before you go out and save the world, what can you do in the office that will help your team? Your team could be screaming for more training, training that will not only make them better employees, but improve upon morale as well.

Our goal is to help you determine what those needs are and develop programs that will help you address them.


The popular new WorkHuman Movement is a global initiative dedicated to galvanize organizations and leaders worldwide in order to create a more human workplace. They believe that when companies harness the transformative power of human connections and well-being, we can build a work culture that both reminds us of our worth as individuals, and pulls us together in pursuit of shared success.

There are also plenty of opportunities for you to save money in this process. What type of long term sustainability programs do you have in place that will ensure you stick around for a while? Are you delivering social or environmental benefits in ways that support operations across the value chain, with the hope of improving efficiency and core effectiveness.

Developing a CSR Strategy is about helping people. People in your office, in your community and in the world and in order to make a real difference, it's vital you hire the best team to do so. That's where we come in. We will help you from beginning to end and once we are finished you will already see change in-house that is ready to make change outside. Let us get you there and show you how to share that message in the most cost effective way. After all, we are here for the same reason, aren't we? Helping others!

For a free consultation and an opportunity to learn a little more about the local needs of your community please email me at patrick.cox4@gmail.com or call 703-870-4117.